How to use your YouTube AdSense account for your website

AdSense is going to look at your site, which can take a few days. Make sure you follow their content guidelines and program policies. Especially noteworthy is that you have a couple of posts an your site already.

Don’t worry about any consequences for your YouTube earnings if your AdSense account for the website is not approved. There is no account-wide penalty unless you break serious AdSense rules. Just keep on extending the content of your blog and an eye on the program policies.

And what I have wished to know before is that there is a manual in the AdSense Help. Good to know if any of the steps described here change.

Add your domain to the AdSense account used for websites
When you have your AdSense account set up as a hosted account for ads on YouTube, you would still need to get a non-hosted account for your website.

Well, you don’t need to get a new account. Just add your website to the AdSense account.

Follow these steps:

Log in to your AdSense account
Click on Ads in the navigation
Click on Other products
Click on Upgrade now and fill in the formImplement the Verification and Auto ads code into your site.

Adsense  Register:

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