A Quick Review of realme UI on realme 3 Pro

⚫ Lockscreen, Icons & Wallpapers

realme seems to be serious about its default themes, icons & wallpapers. How minimal everything is! Lockscreen is redefined and looks much better than before. realme UI comes packed with a wide range of wallpapers to give your device a new look every day. The new backgrounds have been designed hand-in-hand with international art institutions and expert artists. Also, the animated wallpapers are mesmerizing and you would love to use them on your homescreen. The volume slider is now neat and clean and offers quick functionalities to control your volume be it your media, ringtone, alarm sounds.

With realme UI, you get the feature of customizing the icons and make the system navigation more friendly. You can vividly notice the unique color scheme. Regarding convenience, we have an icon customisation option under settings. Not only you can change the shape and size of the icons, but the internal graphic size of the icons can also be customised giving you more power over the appearance of icons than ever before.

⚫ Smart Sidebar

The realme UI sidebar has been redesigned with a new user interface and features. Unlike ColorsOS 6, apps and quick commands are now in one column on realme UI, which enables us to have a hassle-free experience on our realme device. Dragging an app to launch it in split-screen is now available for more apps of your choice on the sidebar; also,we can select some applications (recognizable thanks to the "window" icon in the bottom left corner) which can be opened in a floating window directly from the sidebar.

⚫ Revamped Notification Panel

This is one of the most important things of any UI and realme will not disappoint you in this area too. I'm really in love with newly introduced notification panel in realme UI. It is just amazing and equally minimal.

⚫ Dual Earphones

It is another amazing feature of realme UI, By turning on Dual Earphones, you can use both Bluetooth and wired earphones at the same time. We usually use our smartphones for consuming media. Having a feature like dual earphone is just amazing, you can share what you are listening with your family and friends. You can share the same music via wired and wireless headphones OR you can attend a call via wireless earphones and simultaneously let the music play on wire earphones.

⚫ Native Dark Mode

The built-in Dark Mode has been further improved in realme UI. Now it's working flawlessly, and now you can also schedule time for dark mode as well. And for the first time you can set the Dark Mode to automatically turn on at sunset and switch off at sunrise, very intuitive 😎

⚫ Floating Calculator

Have you ever experienced that you need to calculate something and for that you need to open calculator and minimize app which you are using currently? Don't worry, realme has introduced Floating Calculator in realme UI which will help you to calculate anything on any window. This is something amazing, isn't it?

⚫ Focus Mode

As the name suggests, Focus Mode cuts out phone interruptions so you can stay focused on your tasks.

When you set a focus period:

All apps are hidden and their usage is limited.

All messages and notifications are blocked.

You can exit Focus Mode when needed.

There are four wonderful effects to pick from with each offering a calming music for as long as you want to stay focused.

⚫ Three Finger Screenshot (of specific screen area)

realme has redesigned and added a few nifty tricks in three finger swipe screenshot. First you take the screenshot and it went down to the left hand side in the form of small image. Swiping down gives various options to quickly share it. Swiping Up lets you take long screenshot.

One more interesting and amazing feature is selective Screenshot, now you can choose part of the screen which you want to include in the screenshot. You have to just press and hold with three fingers and then swipe down. Trust me it's so practical.

⚫ New Camera & Gallery UI

Optimised and updated UI for the Camera and Gallery app for an enhanced user experience. Now, the watermark is customisable with an option to include timestamp.

⚫ Personal Information Protection

In realme UI, you can turn on the 'Personal Information Protection' which will restrict the access of any personal information of user to the apps. This ensures encryption of all your call history, contacts, messages and prevents leakage of any personal information.

⚫ Cloud Storage

As per your feedback, realme brought to you Cloud Storage in the form of HeyTap Cloud. A dedicated cloud service to backup everything on the Cloud.

That's it, actually it's not done, realme UI offers many more features but this was a quick glimpse about realme UI in realme 3 Pro, I'm sure you all would be really excited to have it all in your devices soon. If you haven't received the update yet, please be patient and wait for it. The wait is totally worth it as updates are rolled out in batches.

Let me know in the comments below which feature did you like the most.

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