[App Review] Ninja Warrior Legend Of Shadow Fighting Games

[App Review] Ninja Warrior ⛩️: Legend Of Shadow Fighting Games

It is the place to help you in the bad times and make your good time even better. It is a place of good vibes and unlimited opportunity to grow. To add my contribution in those good vibes today I will walk you through a game that will help you bring the ninja that is sleeping inside you. If you are wondering what am I talking about, then just buckle up and keep reading.

⛩️Ninja Warrior⛩️
Ninja Warrior is a game based on the theme of shadow fighting. It is one of the most popular categories between action game lovers. The game is quite easy to play with superb controls and many more exciting features that I will guide you through in later sections. Ninja’s were treated as the ultimate warrior in ancient China because of there fighting skill, agility and presence of mind. This game will judge you on these aspects as well. So, what are we waiting for lets get deeper into the making of a ultimate warrior i.e. ‘Ninja Warrior’.


Controls plays a vital role in making your gaming experience delightful and Ninja warrior is one of those games that comes with easy controls and delightful experience while gaming. You can navigate through the way with help of two navigation buttons one will help you move left while the other one will move you right and the transition while moving is super smooth. Other controls are for the fight or hide skills. These controls are situated in the right-hand side of your screen and there are 4 buttons one of which is dedicated to perform a jump. The bigger button will help you jump while other three buttons are smaller in size. Each of them comes with different action associated with them.

⚜️Attack or Escape⚜️
If you want to be a true ninja then you should be aware of the situation i.e. where to attack and where to escape. As I mentioned earlier that there are 3 buttons dedicated to attack or escape you must know the importance. Your primary attack is using performed ‘Shuriken’ that are famous by the name of ‘Ninja Stars’ (For Ninja Hattori Fans😁). The second attack is the ultimate killer and you can’t use this attack in normal situations as it needs some moments to recover to become ready for the next attack. You should use this attack when you have to fight multiple enemies, in this attack your ninja will strike all the allies at once. The third button is a button to escape and it is quite funny to see it in action as you click this button your ninja will transform into a log of wood to give his enemies illusion.

⚜️Death By Chance⚜️
You must be anxious that why I said ‘Death By Chance’. Then I must tell you that death don’t come directly in this game. You got 3 types of allies with different capabilities like one will have spear to kill you second one will try to cut you in pieces and the third one is quite dangerous that will try to shot you as he see you so beware of him. Not just allies aim to kill you but conditions as well, this game has some hidden elements that will either reward you or kill you like there are some wall that contains treasure while there are some elements like ‘Death Gas’, ‘Path of Stones’ and the ’Rising Spear’ the first two are quite easy to come across but the third one is quite different as you walk near a spear that looks like a normal spear that you can cross with a double jump but than come the twist as you reach near it you will se more spears rising of the ground that are meant to kill you. You will notice more of such elements as you proceed such as ‘Fountain of Fire’. These elements make this game more mysterious to play.

📺App Preview🕵️

🔸Mysterious Game Play
🔸Smooth Graphics 
🔸A lot of customization's as well.

🔸Some levels are too harsh to play.

As you start playing ‘Ninja Warrior’ you will start getting the feel of adrenaline rushing through your veins. The game is based on the shadow theme i.e. also known as the dark world theme that makes the game more enjoyable and fun to play. The hidden elements in this game will keep you guessing that what is going to happen as I take the next step. You have to plan every step in order to win the game. The customization options will make you beg for more as you got some amazing skins for you warrior named with some classy sassy names like ‘Demon Warrior’, ‘Shurikendar’ and most awesome of all ‘The Sun Warrior’.

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