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Sunday, January 19, 2020

How To Apply Custom Watch Face For Mi Smart Band 4 Via Mi Fit App

[Official Method] How To Apply Custom Watch Face For Mi Smart Band 4 Via Mi Fit App


Hope you all doing good. You might be using unofficial methods for applying custom watchfaces for Mi smart band 4 but with latest Mi Fit App update you can apply custom watch faces officially. So lets see how we can do it.

Steps To Change
1. Open Mi Fit App and then tap on "profile".
2. Now tap on "mi smart band 4". And then tap on "band display settings".
3. Swipe left to select "custom" option.
4. Now you will see 3 layout select anyone according to your wish, and then tap on "change background".
5. It will ask you to either change it via "Taking photo" or by "Gallery". Select according to your wish.
6. Tap on "Sync watch face" now it will be applied.
Via Gallery


After Applying


Via Taking Photo


After Applying


Hope You Liked This Feature

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