How to enable One Handed Mode on your realme smartphone

Hello realme Fans,
How are you all? As we all know sometimes we have problem holding our phone in one hand and use it. So, to solve this issue we have a very useful feature in our realme Smartphones. Today, i am going to tell you guys how you can use the One Handed Mode easily in your realme Smartphone.
Let's get started with this thread now😉.

• Search and enable the One Handed Mode
=> You can enable this feature in two simple steps :-
i. You first have to scroll down the notification panel and click on the drop down option beside the settings option.realmeii. Now, you have to scroll down and search for the One Handed Mode option. Then, click on it to start using.realmeThese are the two simple steps to enable this feature.
It looks like this after enabling and here you can find some options to move the display any side according to your need.realmeSo, this is how you can enable and use the One Handed Mode on your realme Smartphone. I hope this will help you. See you guys in the next thread, till then enjoy the realme Community.

Happy New Year to all the realme Fans

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