PUBG Mobile Season11 Release DateIf I talk about PUBG mobile season 11release date, then I think it will go live just after the end of season 10 which means you can expect the exact date to be
If you are a PUBG lover then definitely you have to mark this date out because after waiting for weeks you guys are going to get a new PUBG mobile season but this new can disappoint if you are on a high tier level because you are going to lose your rank, lol just kidding.
The first season of PUBG mobile was introduced in Feb 2018 and every season lasts for at least 3 months, this is a great way by PUBG mobile to keep their users playing the game on a new theme every time with some great vehicles updates, skins, and sometimes new maps also, this won’t let players get bored.
PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royal Pass
I   think this is the first thing that a PUBG lover will look at, Royal Pass, there were rumors going over the internet that royal pass prices are going to increase in season 11, but till now there is nothing officially announced by PUBG mobile.
According to myself, there is no change in season 10 Royal Pass, you can buy at the same price that is of 600 UC points and the same goes for Elite Upgrade Plus which will cost you around 1800 UC in India.
As like every season, we are going to get some cool and amazing weapon skins, vehicle skins, parachutes and emotes with season 10 Royal Pass.
What To Expect From Season 10?

If we talk about the gameplay, then rumors are saying that we can have a  new Payload Mode. PUBG is now no more just a battle royal game which is proven by its TDM update, they are now focusing on arcade modes too.
New Payload is based on the same theme of Last Man Standing but developers have made this mode really interesting by adding Helicopters and Anti Air Missiles, Rocket Launchers, Homing Missiles.
We will be going to see some Trendy and Funky Avatar frames which you can use on your profile and show off to your friends.
You are going to have 2 new emotes also named as Masked Psychic and Envoy of Death which are exclusives to their own outfits means you cant use them on every outfit.
Four completely new emotes are also shared for Royal Pass subscribers, which are accessible only after completing missions and boosting your RP up. A brand new Kar-98 skin is also coming which is based on season 10 theme and the finish looks really awesome.
A new weapon or we can say that a new pistol is also going to introduce in the next season, that is Desert Eagle or Deagle if you are a PC gamer and if you have ever played games like CSGO then you must know about it.
Deagle is going to be the most powerful pistol if we compare it with the rest of the pistols but also it is going to have maximum recoil and inaccuracy. Degale promises to provide damage of 62 per shot and it is going to support Red dot, Holographic sites and various magazines with laser sight also.
You can operate Deagle with 0.45 ACP ammo and by default, the magazine you’ll get is of 7 bullets which can be extended up to 10 by using extended magazines.
Now here comes your favorite discussion of this post, SKINS!!, according to me season 10 is going to have the best collection of skins, most of them are included in RP but the most trendy ones are trapped inside the crates, and you can unlock them by using UC’s.
Ok, let’s talk about what kind of skins you are going to get in this upcoming season. Well, season 10 is going to have the best collection of Guns skins, Vehicles, Parachutes, Helmets and Pan in addition to all-new plane skins, emotes and act outs.
There are rumors that a new map is also dropping, but it is not yet confirmed. You can upgrade your inventory with flame throwers, electric guns, and laser guns and in case of vehicles, you have options for Monster trucks also.
A variety of skins with all-new helmet finishes that includes Dino Set, Winter Cap, and Frog Type. There is another helmet skin also which is my personal favorite known as MAD-MAX Inspired.
If we talk about parachutes then you are going to get around 8 brand new parachutes skins along with an ACE parachute skin which is redesigned by PUBG based on yellow and dark theme embedded with a season 10 Logo.
New t-shirts are also going to introduced titled Solo, Duo, and Squad. UAZ, Mirado, Buggy, and Dacia also got some new finishes that can be availed during events and some of them can be purchased in Royal Pass Reward. Your favorite guns have also been given some cool finishes with blue streaks on AKM, Groza, M24,

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