PUBG Mobile KOREAN(KR) - Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version, its advantage and disadvantages


PUBG Mobile - Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version, its advantage and disadvantage

As the PUBG Mobile ban continues, the company is shutting down all of its services and user access to PUGB Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite starting from 30th October 2020. But surprisingly, the game still runs and this time it seems legal and here is a tip to download and play PUBG Mobile Korean version after a ban in India.

Unlike the Global version of the PUBG Mobile, this game is almost identical but is a Korean version that can be played using a quick workaround. The PUBG Mobile KR (Korean version) is another equivalent of the game, an alternative to the original game and it comes with different features like new events, better rewards, and uses a special currency called Donkatsu Medal, according to Mobigyaan.

If you try to install the PUBG Mobile using APKs, you won’t be able to run the game, but the Korean version works as it should. The PUBG Mobile Korean version is available on the Google Play store but for Korea and Japan regions, not for India, however, you can download the game using a simple trick that we are going to show you here.

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How to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version [Android]

1. Download TapTap from its official website and install it on your smartphone.

2. Allow the APK to install on your smartphone, you will need to give permission to allow APKs to install from unknown sources.

3. Once you have installed, search for PUBG Kror use this link to directly go to the PUBG Mobile KR download.

4. Download the PUBG Mobile KR on your smartphone and launch the game using the shortcut on the homescreen or app drawer.

Do note that this game has a server different from the global version so your old username or account won’t work, you will have to create a new one. Also, there’s currently no such option for iPhone or iPad users.

What are PUBG Mobile’s advantages and disadvantages?

PUBG Mobile - Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version, its advantage and disadvantage

A gamer shared on Quora about what he had experienced from the PUBG Mobile. He said that, although there are many differences between PUBG global and PUBG Kr, they are quite the same in all terms of mechanisms, gameplay, matching, etc. Also, PUBG Kr players and PUBG global players can play with each other and also both games have the same server choice. PUBG Kr is just like PUBG global when it comes to matchmaking. You will meet both Korean players and PUBG global players in matches and also you can connect with your global friends and play together with them too. So here are some advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Kr version.

PUBG Mobile - Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version, its advantage and disadvantage
PUBG Mobile - Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version, its advantage and disadvantage

Advantages of PUBG mobile Kr:

1. Vpn is not necessary to play the game, anyone can play the game from any part of the world.

2. Ping is the same just like in the global version. You will get the same ping but it also depends on your network. I use a 4g sim and in Asia server, I got a ping around 60–120 ms in global and Korean version both.

3. Same server choices are available just like in the global version and matchmaking is done with both global and Korean version players so it's basically the same matchmaking exactly like the global version.

4. Almost everything is in the English language except some of the community notices and links.

5. Different package name and file naming system that you can install both PUBG global and Kr in the same phone without the need of uninstalling any version.

6. Global version and Kr version players can team up and play together.

7. Kr players can join custom room matches created by global version players and vice versa.

8. Kr version can join crew created by global version players and vice versa.

9. Different and very rewarding events

10. Very friendly and forgiving game community. If there is an error in anything they compensate it with a permanent reward.

11. Availability of Dongstaku medals that can be used to open any 3 of the crates: PUBG crate, PUBG classic crate and PUBG premium crate. 4 of these Dongstaku medals are needed to open one. Also, Dongstaku medals are mythic category items but they can be obtained very easily.

12. Weekly missions are added to provide Dongstaku medals in the missions tab. Log in missions and stay logged in missions that come for certain time periods also provide satisfying rewards

13. There are constant time-limited events that provide permanent or time-limited rewards.

14. There are major events that provide permanent awesome rewards. The latest major event (as per the month of June 2020) provided the falcon!!!!!

16. Daily rewards are different and for each login, you get super exciting rewards like 1st day of the week: 3 PUBG crate coupon fragments, etc. Hence daily rewards always try to fill in the necessary crate coupon fragments you may need to open crates and the last 2 days of a week provides Dongstaku medals!!!!

17. All the crates in the shop are filled with “at least” 1 mythic item and many legendary items, purple items, rare, common items that you may “never” get in a global version crate. Every PUBG Kr version player will get a 100% chance at all the outfits even the Royal pass dress(even though if you don’t buy a royal pass). So you need to rely on your luck when opening the crates. Some dresses come with exclusive emotes. Every main crate has a high price which will be guaranteed within the first hundred draws.

18. Very very high luck in crates!!!! The luck percentage of crates is so high that you will “NEVER” receive a time-limited outfit from a crate or silver fragments. So silver fragments and time-limited outfits will not be available in any crate you open in PUBG Kr version.

19. A totally different silver fragment redeem store!! You will have exciting awesome rewards for redeeming in the silver fragment redeem store and they are available for a lower price except for some of the legendary, mythic, and purple/rare items. Also, they are available for redeem as “ONLY” permanent and not time limited item. Heck, you can even redeem a flight skin for 480 silver fragments, a jeep skin for 360 silver fragments, and a legendary outfit for 850 silver fragments!!!!! (However, most items cost more than 2000 and the final mythic pan costs 30,000!!)

20. Soldier crate has many different gun skins in its reward list and also the mythic skirt, Dongstaku medal and legendary outfit too. However, luck differs per week in the soldier’s crate. Sometimes the luck even exceeds that you may get a Dongstaku medal which is the highest reward in soldier’s crate than the mythic skirt…lol!!!

21. Different online in-game events can be found in the right-hand side bottom corner. They are time-limited though but last for weeks eventually.

22. More game optimization that you will face very fewer lags than the global version. But it also depends on your device. I use a Samsung j5 prime (low-end device) and when comparing to global and KR version has optimized the game much better than now my only problem is some occasional but rare game bugs and map loading(only in hot-drop locations) at the beginning of the game. Also, my game doesn’t lag nowadays when I confront an opponent player.

23. Availability of various voice packs that are not available in the global version. Also, these voice-packs are related to various outfits that were released over time in PUBG. For example, The astrologer outfit also has an astrologer voice pack. These voice packs can be obtained from crates (if it’s available) at the highest price within 100 draws. A single voice pack has all the necessary voices. They can be added separately in inventory.

24. 100 Dongstaku medal reward appears in every PUBG classic time-limited crate and receiving it depends totally on your luck. Once obtained you can open any of the main 3 crates 25 times!!

Disadvantages of PUBG Kr version:

1. You cannot connect your global version ID with the Korean version game and vice versa. So you may need to open a new account when starting to play Korean version PUBG.

2. You cannot join clans created by global version players and vice versa.

3. You cannot request UC gifts(like royale pass) from global version players

4. Voice packs are in Korean and some voice packs might be overshadowed by default English voice packs IF they are played to global version players.

5. Some/most global version events will not appear in KR version. Although the global version events are not much rewarding some of them might be useful.

6. UC purchasing is a different method if the play store states PUBG Kr is unavailable in your country.

7. Crates have a time limit of 20–30 days. If rewards are not obtained within the time period they might reappear after a very long period. After the time period is over new items are bought into the list in the specific crates.

8. Although crates have higher luck you might eventually end up getting the same items or getting only common type items. (this totally depends on luck. However, this is one of the few ways in which you can dismantle and gain silver fragments)

9. The crates opened in the special characters menu don’t have voice packs, emote, or outfits. Only shard, silver fragments, and crate coupon fragments. There is a separate crate for characters in the shop and can be only opened using UC.

10. Silver fragment is very hard to be obtained like in the global version. You can only obtain silver fragments through missions, dismantling duplicated items, and through special character menu crate.

11. BP has literally no use but to open soldier’s crate, recollect missed daily rewards and send gifts to players.

12. Missing a daily reward can be very punishing because you need 50,000 bp to recollect it after missing it. This is probably due to high-end rewards in the daily log in the reward menu.

13. Prime plus isn’t available and there is no bp redemption store or battle coins.

14. Some important event notices may appear in Korean language.

So that’s the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Kr. I have played both and PUBG Kr version is the best for android devices!

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