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Realme have been doing some amazing work with its smartphones from last 18 months and have seen impressive growth around the world. Now realme is venturing into accessories segments as well, and the latest accessories from realme were the realme Buds Wireless the first bluetooth headphone from realme which was launched alongside with realme XT in an event held in September. Tuned by the famous DJ Alan Walker himself and priced at ₹1,799 the realme buds Wireless delivers rich sound quality with pleasent bass, easy to use comfort, Bluetooth 5.0 and a very good battery life upto 12 hours on a single charge.

The realme Buds wireless is priced at ₹1799 and is available on Amazon.in and realme.com/in

Buy on realme.comhttps://bit.ly/2kJv9w6

Buy on Amazon:    https://amzn.to/37rZ7Ik

Before we get into the review, let's quickly look at the basic specifications of realme buds Wireless:-

Product name: realme Buds Wireless
Color: Yellow/Green/Orange
Battery life: 12-hour playback
Sound driver size: 11.2mm
Bluetooth Effective range: 10m
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Fast charge: support 10min charge 100min music time

Review of the realme buds Wireless:

Sound Quality and Performance
The realme Buds Wireless offers a rich sound quality experience, which is quite impressive for its price. The realme Buds wireless have been custom-tuned by world-renowned DJ — Alan Walker to provide rich sound quality and good bass to its users, The multi-layer composite diaphragm and 'Japan Daikoku Voice Coil', which realme buds is providing is usually not seen at this price range. As far as i have seen while Playing the songs on the realme buds wireless the tuning has been done in a way to emphasise bass response, but also with enough dynamic range so mids and highs sounds clear and distinct.

I'm using the realme Buds wireless from past one week and i tried playing many tracks during this testing phase and i was quite satisfied with the performance

One thing you should know about the realme Buds wireless is that they are custom-tuned by 'Alan Walker and these buds are primarily designed for those who love bass but that doesn't mean that users cannot enjoy melodies on the realme Buds wireless In fact, the realme Buds 2 did a better job there. 

I played a few songs by Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh as i love listening both of them. The audio quality was absolutely fine and the output was quite loud as well and the feel was quite Buttery.

Then i was excited to listen the Alan Walker songs itself and i moved on to few pop numbers like ' Diamond heart' , 'On My Way' and 'The Spectre' by Alan Walker, 

This is where the realme Buds Wireless was a completely different device with superior amazing audio output. There is a good balance between mids and highs and the realme buds wireless also delivers a very pleasing bass. 

When it comes to the call quality, the realme Buds wireless are truely the solid performer. The recipient on the other end managed to hear me loud and clear without any distortion. Also, i used it on some video calls as well and during the video calls, the earbuds worked like a charm with the overall call quality being greatly appreciated.

In the box we get different sizes of ear tips as well that can be changed according to the needs of the users. Overall, the buds look good and are very comfortable to carry around and fit in well. 

Design and Comfort
The realme Buds Wireless comes with a neckband-style design. It has a slim rubber neckband with metal houses on either ends that rest on your collar bone comfortably. The realme Buds Wireless’ neckband comprises of high-quality silica gel and memory metal that’s constructed from a nickel-titanium alloy which makes the realme Buds wireless earphones comfortable to use for longer amounts of time as well as gives users the option of neatly stowing them when not in us.

The other reason why the earbuds feel comfortable to use is the silicone eartips, which are extremely soft and sit well inside the ears. You get add-on wingtips as well, which are great especially for workouts. The wings rest within the shallow depression in your ear to make sure the buds firmly stay in place even if you move your head vigorously.

The body of the realme Buds wireless are plastic and house 11.2mm bass boost drivers. A wire connects the neckband to the earbuds and it comes in multiple colors now yellow, orange and green, among them yellow is the signature realme colour. The one which I'm using has orange accents on the controls and the inner part of the earbuds.

The realme Buds Wireless comes with an unique feature as the realme buds wireless has the Magnetic Connection easy to control system , Thanks to the MFP ( Magnetic Fast Pair ) technology. You just have to separate the buds when in use and attach them back together to power-off the realme buds, it's so convenient and easy to operate

Talking more about the controls on the right, there are raised markings on the buttons so you can feel the controls. The top and bottom buttons are for volume controls, while the center button with realme's 'R' logo can be used to pause music and answer calls.The buttons offer a nice tactile feel and are quite easy to use.

Battery life and connectivity
While realme claimed that the buds wireless provides 12-hour playback on a full charge and i tested it on my own and without any surprises it actually delivered on what company is claiming. As far as i have checked the battery life on the realme Buds Wireless is exceptional. You can get upto 12-hours of continuous music playback on a single charge with audio at around 50-60 per cent.realme Buds wireless supports the fast charging as well. Additionally, a simple 10-minute charge will give you about 100-minutes of listening music experience which is a nice add-on here.

Talking about the Connectivity, realme Buds wireless has the lastest Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a stable and reliable connection with exceptional range of upto 10m which is good enough to move around the house keeping the buds on.

My verdict:-

realme exactly knows how to offer better the products at an affordable price. With such a low price tag of ₹1799 you can hardly get anything better than this in the market. The realme Buds Wireless is quick to connect, easy to work with and provides a pleasant all-around sound quality.

All in all, if you have a relatively tight budget and want to get a good neck-mounted Bluetooth headset with good sound and bass quality then realme Buds Wireless will be a good choice for you.

I'm using them myself and i did found the realme buds wireless amazing gadget and i would recommend all of you to get one for yourself.

That was all for the review of the realme Buds wireless . Hope all of you have liked it, got any questions? drop them in the comments section below

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